business services

businessbckgSuccessful business planning involves the consideration of a client’s objectives, financing needs, tax status and liability concerns.

When our clients embark on new ventures, we advise them taking into consideration related tax consequences and other business and legal issues. Specifically, we advise clients regarding the form and legal structure of the appropriate business entity that will foster their financial and tax objectives and support their business’ growth in an efficient and effective manner.

We recommend the appropriate form of entity that will protect our clients from liability exposure, while allowing them to obtain financing or attract capital. To that end, we routinely form limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships and other business entities for our clients. We regularly prepare the organizational documents and operational agreements which govern the form and operations of the selected entity as well as the relationship of its owners.

 Our business planning services do not end when a business is formed.

For each transaction in the life of our business clients, we provide business, tax and other advice to implement a structure to facilitate sophisticated tax benefits, further the business objectives and minimize the liability exposure of the principles. We have the experience to help our clients recognize the benefits and detriments of their choices and work with our clients to help meet their needs. During the life of any business, there are always routine transactions in which the business engages that require legal consulting. These may involve negotiating contracts with suppliers, vendors, customers or others. We help our clients, consulting with them on these issues and negotiating contracts, when necessary.

We continue to counsel our clients as the business succeeds and grows, and they consider mergers, acquisitions and other expansion opportunities. We negotiate and prepare the transaction documentation (from the letter of intent to the sale agreement) to preserve the tax, business and protective benefits of the transaction structure.  We also provide advice regarding employee benefits and executive compensation. Often, our business planning advice works in conjunction with the personal tax planning and estate planning interests of our clients.

what we do

We advise clients who are starting a business or expanding a current business of the best options available to address these considerations.

We assist our clients in all aspects of business formation, restructuring and expansion transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

We consult with our clients on the legal and business aspects of their day-to-day operations and work with them to maintain and expand their businesses.