tax planning

taxOur focus is the provision of sophisticated tax planning designed to minimize the impact of federal, state and local taxes on all types of business entities, both domestic and multi-national, as well as individuals, trusts and non-profit organizations. We assist our clients by implementing these tax strategies in a manner which satisfies their specific (business and personal) objectives. We also implement these strategies to structure major corporate and partnership transactions in a tax-efficient manner.

We provide ongoing advice on a
day-to-day basis regarding 
a litany
of federal, state, local and international tax items.

We work closely with our clients and their accountants, investment and business advisors and internal tax personnel to address compliance obligations, structure and plan for complex transactions, and prepare for potential tax controversies.

state & local tax planning


With the increasing pressures on state and local governments to raise revenues, and the consequential growing cost of these taxes to our clients, state and local tax planning has become an increasingly important part of our tax practice. We have advised on tax planning issues arising from client activity in the vast majority of states. Our clients (reside and) have business and investment activities throughout the United States. We seek to minimize their tax costs, taking into account the complex interaction of the various jurisdictions in which they are subject to tax.